New Artwork ‘n’ Stuff

For Fun

So, I almost forgot I own a tablet. After all, I did hide it in my drawer for a good couple of months after I had accidentally cut the cord, freaked out, then had my boyfriend’s dad rewire it… But that’s a whole other story all on its own! Suffice to say, I have it now, it works just fine, and my father never has to know! πŸ˜‰

That aside for the moment, I’ve recently become addicted to this flash game called “Transformice!” You play as a mouse and try to get to the cheese by going through elaborate maps, some pre-programmed and others made by your fellow players. Often, you have a Shaman mouse player that conjures up objects like boards and boxes and anvils and cannon balls to help you… or destroy you. It is quite a delightful strategy game,. The more cheese you earn, you can unlock special titles and purchase outfits, as well as make your own maps and publish them to the game. I’m the proud owner of a top hat and monocle, and my mouse looks rather dapper if I do say so myself. But so, back to the tablet topic, I decided to draw one of the mice from the game on the Graffiti Application on Facebook. You can see it above, but if you want to view my brush strokes and the process I did to make it, you can replay the video here:

Not sure if you need to be my Friend or not to view it, but give it a try anyway. Also, while you’re at it, feel free to look at my attempt at Squirt, the cute lil’ turtle from Finding Nemo. You can replay the video here:


2 thoughts on “New Artwork ‘n’ Stuff

  1. Melissa:

    This isn’t really a reply–I’m contacting you because I am looking for someone to dog sit for me June 24-26. I also just sent you an email, but I wasn’t sure how often you checked it. Any interest?

    Mr. Brodie


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