Dentist, Doggies, and Dean’s List– Oh my!

Talk about alliteration! Anyway, today was interesting. It started off with a trip to the dentist, one I had not yet gone to before but my the rest of my family had. It is so nice, much better than the other one I went to and absolutely hated. This though was a very clean, welcoming and well-furnished environment with state of the art technology. Even heated seats, with back massagers, for patients during exams! And the people there were rather delightful (not to mention, they spoke English as their first language, hallelujah!). The receptionist has a daughter who goes to Eastern, who actually knows a friend of mine, and the woman who cleaned my teeth was nice and honest about what’s going on with my teeth. And the main dentist guy was rather jolly, too. Of course, I dwell on these nice little things to keep from thinking about the terrible pain my gums are experiencing!! I’m at that lovely age where my wisdom teeth are trying to poke through. And after having been poked and picked at and scraped for a cleaning, my whole mouth feels “bleh,” yes bleh. I can’t even shut my mouth all the way! So thankfully I bought some Advil. As for the minor lisp I have now, well… Advil can’t really help that. They couldn’t really do anything about the wisdom teeth yet, because they’re not all the way through, but it looks like in a year I’ll probably be getting them out. I can’t wait… “We, we, we so excited, and it ain’t even Friday.” If you understood that, then kudos, if not, then sorry. 😉

After the dentist, I visited my former high school teacher and senior project monitor, Mr. Brodie (who write a great blog here, if you wanna check it out). I’ll be dog-sitting for him, and needed an overview of things as well as a meet-n-greet with the doggies! They seem like wonderful animals, sweet and soft. I can’t wait to watch them. Ones a little timid, but he said she’ll be a “velcro dog” in no time. After having lost my own dog in March of this year due to cancer (among other deaths int he family), I think two doggies will help cheer me up a bit.

Once I finally got home, took Advil, and made myself some soup, I snuggled into bed and checked my email. What did I find? An email informing me that I made the Dean’s List for the Spring 2011 Semester! Boo-yah! It’s a small little blip on the internet, but you can find the “article” here. I’ll be updating my resume soon, and getting a certificate in the mail eventually. 🙂

I’m just so happy that, even with all the family drama, deaths, and money issues that happened last semester, I still managed to pull off fantastic grades to make it on the list. A big thanks to all my friends, family and those who helped me pull through!


2 thoughts on “Dentist, Doggies, and Dean’s List– Oh my!

  1. Kevin Stuart Brodie says:


    I had no idea you were suffering so today! You kept a very brave face. 🙂

    I do hope my dogs bring you some good cheer. I think they will. They’re really sweethearts. You’ve already figured out that about Alliison.

    Thanks also for the shout out for my blog.



    • Melissa says:

      No problem! They’re so adorable; my mom got a kick out of Lollie peeking her head out numerous times.

      And I was fine when I saw you. It wasn’t until I went to the grocery store thereafter that it acted up and I got the Advil. As of right now, though, I’m pain free! Just… lispy.

      See you soon,


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