I’m Back! Website Updates, etc

Work Related

Sorry for the hiatus everyone. It’s been hectic juggling an 8am-4pm job, a social life, and driving practice. Good news is my road test is this Thursday! Wish me luck. I’m quite nervous, but at the same time I’m confident about my skills.

Anyway, I’ve been working a lot on promotional materials for the Women’s Center, Intercultural Center, and Sexual Assault Response Team. As you can imagine, these require a lot of focus. I get pretty burnt out when all I have to look at for a day is statistics about unpleasant sexual acts and have to come up with a creative solution to share this information with supporters of victim-survivors so they’re better informed on how to help and spread awareness. So I haven’t been able to really work on more fun artistic endeavors. :/

I hope to get back into the swing of things though, after this week (after my road test). If all goes well, I’ll have this huge burden lifted and I can have more free time, hopefully. The only update I have right now though is that I made the homepage look cooler, and I added to the About Me section. More updates in regards to my artwork can be found on my Facebook page, if you’re interested.




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