Good Things Happening

Events, For Fun

On a better note, I got a haircut the other day. The length is just below my shoulders, so nothing too drastic. Although getting 6 inches off does feel weird when I try to put it in a pony tail. The haircut was to make way for– drum roll please– my first ever earrings! Boy did that hurt. The piercing gun was scary-sounding as it went into my ears like a stapler. Totally worth it though. For the next 5 weeks, I’ll have two 3mm cubic zirconia in 14k white gold earrings to clean 3 times a day… Can’t wait for that to be over with. Cleaning and turning them makes me queasy and I almost fainted the other day. I think my body is still in shock, as if to ask me “Whyyyy Melissaaa? Why would you do this to ussss?”

Anyway, more good news is that I went up to Palmer, Mass. the other day with my boyfriend to celebrate our 2 years. We went to the cutest restaurant that was made from an old train station. The “Steaming Tender,” serves great food with an old time setting and great view of passing trains. We were lucky enough to make it for the all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet for $10 each. Suffice to say, we felt pretty fat after that. Too much corned beef hash, I think. Never enough corned beef hash, mmm…

Then we visited local antique shops in the area. Apparently, that’s what couples do on rainy days, as it seemed like every other couple in town was visiting the shops we went to. I got a lovely necklace, while Adam pined away in the hobby rooms, longing for model trains at super low prices. Some day, we’ll go back and get some awesome trains to build. I’ll take care of painting the scenery and prepping a landscape around the tracks, of course.


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