A Day of Art in New York

Last Saturday, after the worst 3-hour bus ride of my life thanks to a terrible stomach ache, I arrived in New York City with a long day ahead and goals in mind. I went with 50 or so other people, mostly students but some faculty, to the Chelsea Galleries in NYC. In Chelsea, there are almost 300 art galleries and our goal was to go to a few so that we could write papers that correlate the exhibitions to our contemporary art class. I have 3 gallery review/research papers to write, but I’m confident that I have a lot of substance to go off of. The exhibitions my friends and I hit up were:

The links are either to web pages directly about the exhibitions I saw, or simply the artists’ websites if I couldn’t find exhibition info directly. I encourage you to check them out! My favorite works were the sculptures of modern mythology, the mechanisms that moved based on your movements captured on an Xbox Kinect, and the animal paintings in the Japanese exhibit. I would post images of these works, but photography was forbidden by most of the galleries and I didn’t feel like a rebel by sneaking some snapshots.

If you’ve checked out the links I posted, let me know what you think. Which artist or exhibition did you like, if any? Leave a comment below if you’d like to discuss your choices.

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