ConnectiCon: Author Signatures

In case you didn’t know, the wonderfully fun ConnectiCon has come and gone. It is an annual multi-genre geek convention for three days where people can cosplay, test out new games, meet some celebrities, attend workshops and see special events. After going on a sort of convention hiatus because of college, I finally got back into the spirit and attended ConnectiCon 2013 with my friend Mike. We had a blast!

One of the reasons I love ConnectiCon is its knack for hosting amazing panels and guest speakers. While I’m known more for my art, I’m also a creative writer. So you can imagine how overjoyed I was when I saw the amount of discussions on fantasy and science fiction writing, moderated by real published authors! Some of the panels included World-Building in Fantasy and Sci-Fi, Small Press Publishing, Beyond Orcs and Elves, Writing Unique Heroes and Memorable Villains, and the Ten Things You Need to Know About Writing. There were many special literary guests, but the ones I saw were:

  • Michael J. Sullivan, who has successfully published in all three formats (self, small press, and big six) and whose books appear on more than 65 “best of” award lists
  • Brandon Sanderson, the author best known for recently completing Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time, earning numerous awards for his own series, and teaching a creative writing class at Brigham Young University
  • Margaret Killjoy, nomadic author, activist, founder of Steampunk Magazine and publisher at Combustion Books
  • Leona Wisoker, author of short stories and the Children of the Desert science-fantasy series
  • M. L. Brennan, college composition teacher and author of the new Generation V urban-fantasy series about vampires in Rhode Island
  • Joseph Bruchac, award-winning storyteller, poet, and author of more than 120 books, whose upcoming Killer of Enemies has been described as “Apache post-apocalyptic steampunk”

I was determined to obtain some of their books and get them signed! Sadly, I only knew about Sullivan, Sanderson, and Killjoy attending at the time because the ConnectiCon website was not up to date. So I only got copies of Theft of Swords, Mistborn, and What Lies Beneath the Clock Tower. As you can see, I got them all signed!


If you’re confused by Killjoy’s comment, his book is a choose-your-own-adventure. Suffice to say, I already died about three times.

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