ConnectiCon: Super Art Fight

This is what a Super Art Fight looks like. Never heard of it? It’s when two teams of two artists are given a large canvas to battle it out in cartoon form. Each team is given a different phrase or theme, and they have a limited time to embody it, taking up as much room as they’d like, attacking the other art on the canvas, and even altering what is already there. New phrases get added into the mix, submitted by the audience before the show, and the artists need to think fast and adapt to create new art. Its a fast-paced, tag team effort. At the end of each round, the winning team is chosen by the biggest applause that is measured by a digital sound level reader. Here’s what happened at the ConnectiCon 2013 Super Art Fight!

What to know more about what exactly was being drawn? Ask in the comments, and I’ll try to explain as best I can!


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