A Charming Video on World-Building

I wanted to share this video because I love TED Talks and thought this was a pleasant introduction to world-building for fantasy writers. It is also nicely illustrated! The questions the narrator posed may have gone by too quickly, so if you missed them, I wrote them below. The list could go on forever, but it is a good start. What else do you think is worth adding? What, if any, should be skipped? I have been in a few discussions before with other writers, who say people over-think ideas and keep world-building but never get around to the story. Then there are those who jump into writing their story, only to see it crumble in the middle by inconsistencies within their fictional world. A balance is needed, this is certain. What have your experiences been like in regards to this? Leave your comments in the box below!

Quick questions to think about when world-building:

  • How did your world come to be?
  • What past events have shaped how society is now?
  • What rules are in place?
  • What are the punishments for those who break rules?
  • Who has power in the society and who doesn’t?
  • What do people believe in?
  • What does the society value most?
  • What is the weather like and how do they handle it?
  • Where do the inhabitants live, work, relax, and go to school?
  • What do they eat?
  • How do they play?
  • How do they treat their young and old?
  • What is the relationship between inhabitants, animals, and the environment?
  • What kind of technology exists?
  • What kind of transportation is available?
  • What are their methods of communication?
  • How do they access information?
  • How does the world you created shape the individuals who live in it?
  • What kind of conflict is likely to emerge?

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