My Fashion Illustrations

Everything we wear tells a story. There is a sense of occasion associated with every outfit. Each outfit requires different care. Some are more flattering than others. The right clothes can transform you, and the clothes you love reveal a fundamental personal philosophy.

I’ve finally posted my digital illustrations from the Fashion Design and Illustration course I participated in. It was an exciting creative process. I got to come up with different outfits, research famous fashion designers, get a behind-the-scenes look at the industry, and test out my skills as a seamstress. Along with my illustrations, you’ll notice I included project objectives, a little background information, and my thoughts on the design outcomes. I may add to the page in the future; share the mood boards I created, the essays I wrote as part of my research, and the hand-drawn sketches I made.

Designer or not, feel free to think about the projects and conduct your own research:

  • Define some of your favorite outfits. Explain why you like them, how they make you feel, what kind of care they require, and for what occasions you wear them for.
  • Scope out the latest fashion trends on the street. Ask people if you can take pictures of their outfits (and respect their wishes if they refuse). Is there anything in particular that multiple people seem to be wearing? Do you like this trend? Could you see yourself joining the trend?
  • Research fashion designers of the past and present, while also keeping an eye out for up and coming designers. What were/are their main styles that made them so famous? Can their style principles be applied to unisex garments?
  • Learn about the different ways in which the fashion industry is “going green.” Check out your local thrift stores. Look into buying local, hand-made, sustainable clothes. Before you bust out the credit card to go on your shopping spree, take a moment to think about the quality of the materials and its connection to the price tag.
  • Think up scenarios that require different levels of professional attire: job interviews, award ceremonies, a wedding, a funeral, etc. What is already in your closet that you could wear to these events? What are you sorely in need of buying should a professional attire event pop up?

Share your thoughts and findings in the comments!

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