New Projects Posted on Behance

Nearly completed digital painting of Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore; by Melissa Nosal
Nearly completed digital painting of Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore by Melissa Nosal

Hey everyone! I know it’s been pretty slow on this blog lately. That’s because I’ve been updating my art projects over on my Behance profile and spending a lot of time applying to places. Feel free to check out my portfolio and let me know what you think, if something is working really well, or if something could use improvement on how it is presented. A portfolio is essential to the job application process for anyone going into the creative field. I have projects ranging from packaging design to character illustrations, from branding materials to web coding. Your feedback would be much appreciated!

A fun feature of having art on Behance is that I can also post works in progress. Right now, I have one piece I’m particularly proud of that I’m working on; seen at the left. For progression photos, check out the WIP page here. I’m new to digital painting in Photoshop, but it is turning out quite well. I’ve been watching tutorial videos on YouTube, since this type of work was never really touched upon in the classroom. I used Photoshop and my Wacom Bamboo pen and tablet. It has been a fun exploration into a new medium!

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