Background and Deliverables
As part of my freelance work with Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence, I designed materials for their new healthcare-specific outreach initiative. This toolkit provides guidance to primary care physicians, behavioral therapists, sports medicine practitioners, school nurses, and other medical personnel throughout the state on how to better support patients. The toolkit currently includes: a 4-page brochures, a 20-page booklet, posters, hard enamel pins, vinyl stickers, anti-microbial stethoscope badges, and storage clipboards.
The posters are 11"x17" in size and intended for placement in doctor's offices, waiting rooms, nurse examination rooms, and other offices that provide healthcare. The color palette is soft and subtle in an effort to keep patients calm when reflecting on or discussing subject matter that can be triggering. The posters provide gentle words of support and encourage patients to speak with their doctors about any unwanted sexual experiences—as these can effect their physical health and mental well-being.
The storage clipboards are large enough to hold a stack of brochures for patients and a resource booklet for personnel. The clipboards display hotline information printed on the front for easy access.

The toolkit hero story at the top of Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence's website as seen on June 21, 2022.

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