Gamers of Lockton
In 2020, I formed the Gamers of Lockton group on the company's new cloud-based social hub, Workspace. Associates who enjoy playing games could connect, share tips and fun content, and link up to play together after business hours. Mainly I moderated the discussion area, often prompting questions and posting fun polls.
While designing this header image, I had to ensure that all colors were from Lockton's new brand guidelines. The company had recently undergone a branding refresh where black became the dominant color, accent colors were used sparingly, and flat outlined icons were the latest trend. I wanted to make sure that different forms of gaming were visually represented: personal computers, handheld devices, arcade cabinets, board games and tabletop role-playing games, and consoles.
GAME ON: Chits and Giggles
I'm an admin of GAME ON: Chits and Giggles, an active Facebook group where over 900 board game enthusiasts from all across Connecticut chat and coordinate gaming events. I moderate the discussion area and post content regularly—my favorite topics being tabletop role-playing games, miniature painting, and game design. Together with local game shops, we raise funds for charities like Extra Life and Child's Play through 24-hour gaming marathons. These amazing organizations provide support to children undergoing intensive medical treatments. Here's a recap of the group's fundraising event from 2018!
That year, two of the main organizers for the group hired me to create a simple logo inspired by arcade coins. It went on to be used in the group's Facebook posts, email newsletters, Meetup profile, and a limited-edition challenge coin. More uses are in the works, such as a loyalty rewards card and rubber stamps for special events.
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