Project Details
This campaign addresses sexual violence in historically marginalized communities—namely those who identify as LGBTQ+ and may speak Spanish as their primary language. I created these materials while working for Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence as their Graphic Designer & Resource Communications Coordinator.
A Collaborative Process
The professional translations for this project were provided by Transcreating, LLC with guidance from our in-house Latinx Services Coordinator. During this process, I learned about some of the nuances in Spanish spoken by different communities and how certain words or phrases can have vastly different connotations when translated from English. For instance, a "victim advocate" does not always translate well; it can often get misinterpreted as a "lawyer" instead of a special type of crisis counselor who supports victims of violence.
For this project, I designed branded items like lip balms, compact mirrors, stickers, magnets, pens, and key chain flashlights—items that are small, useful and concealable. This was intentional, based on feedback from the Queer Caucus Against Sexual Assault (QCASA) that not all LGBTQ+ people feel comfortable and/or safe enough to grab items intended for them while in public. The minimalist design and discreet packaging of these items were ideal for those individuals. Other items however—like info cards, posters and brochures—were splashed with rainbow colors and queer motifs.
In an effort to be inclusive of all gender expressions, I intentionally avoided the use of stereotypical "male" and "female" iconography when displaying statistics. I also sought out stock photos with models from diverse backgrounds and identities.
The initial print run for this project included 27,000 info cards, 13,500 brochures, and 3,000 posters. The posters above were featured in a textbook discussing the importance of inclusive resources.
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