Werewolf Cards

One of the first social-deduction, party games I played was Ultimate Werewolf by Ted Alspach. Here I created my own take on the main character cards that players might get.

Vinyl Stickers

In January of 2019, I designed a set of vinyl stickers to coincide with posters for a youth prevention program. This had an initial print run of 4,000 vinyl stickers, ordered from Rockin’ Stickers.

Youth Awareness Posters

In January of 2019, I led the art direction of a new sexual violence awareness and prevention campaign geared toward middle school and high school students. The English version had an initial print run of 35,500 posters, ordered from Moo. Spanish versions are in the works and will be printed soon. These will be disseminatedContinue reading “Youth Awareness Posters”

Payroll Insert

In March of 2017, I worked with colleagues at the Connecticut Department of Labor and the Office of the State Comptroller to produce a payroll insert. This double-sided slip was sent to 10,000 state employees across Connecticut.

CT Alliance T-Shirts and Sweatshirts

I designed branded apparel for Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence. Hooded sweatshirts were sold at the 2nd Annual Connecticut Women’s March and t-shirts were given to volunteers at the Solidarity for Survivors Rally.

Package Design Project

My independent study in senior year of college was on package design and illustration. I hand drew fruits and florals, then digitized them in Adobe Illustrator to create various labels for lotions and lip balms.